Friday, 21 May 2010

So what's this all about?

Well I've been travelling around South America and they like their footie over here so wanted somewhere to collect all the details about the fortunes of the qualified teams. The fixtures, the squads, the hopes and expectations. Everything and anything as long as it's got a South American + football twist.

Tonight I'm taking advantage of a rare quiet Friday night in the hostel with no-one for company but Kate Bush to get it off the ground.

Let's start at the beginning. Who's qualified over here? Brazil natch with Dunga at the helm. Current style more akin to a drunken Friday night in TJs than samba on Copacabana beach apparently. Argentina, with the help of over 100 players in qualification. Maradona is probably on the phone to FIFA as we speak to see if he can get a special dispensation to quadruple his current 23 man squad.

So the big two are there. And to add to them - Paraguay, Uruguay (via a play-off with Costa Rica) and my current hosts, Chile.

In Santiago at the moment so will certainly attempt to get some of the local flavour from here. I've got an eye on La Roja's group match with Spain. Find a football mad local bar, take some snaps and hopefully cheer them on to a famous victory. Although a more likely banker should be their opener against Honduras on June 16 (cue Honduras 5-0 masterclass on their way to an incredible first World Cup victory, routing England 10-0 in the final)

The only qualified country I've yet to visit thus far is Paraguay, so a trip to Asuncion to follow one of their games could well be on the cards. A return to Buenos Aires is definitely on the list and if time and money allows possibly a quick step to Rio/ Sao Paulo or even Montevideo for all the football news from the ground.

So that's the rough plan. I'll get some photos up here, match reports, news, history, pointless information, mind-numbing facts etc. We'll have a blast trust me. But first the research to get the basics under our belts. And that means those all important fixtures....

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