Monday, 7 June 2010

Manager speak - Marcelo Bielsa

Chile has arrived safely in South Africa with their injured star striker/ talisman, Humberto Suazo in tow. Still looks likely that Chupete miss the first game and it's a race against time to get him fit for the subsequent games. The medical staff are utilising an oxygen chamber in an effort to speed up the recovery process.

Marcelo Biesla has been speaking at La Roja's World Cup base in Nelspruit about Chile's chances against Spain, Switzerland and, firstly, Honduras in Group H.

Honduras has 'excellent' players apparently. There are no weak teams in international football according to the boss:

'Firstly I want to make it clear that no team is weaker than any other. A few years ago in the Copa America, Honduras beat Brazil 2-0, and in the 1982 World Cup Honduras drew with Spain, who were the host nation, so to think they are the weakest in the group is an idiotic mistake to make.

To reiterate - no weak teams at the World Cup:

'There is no weak team. Hopefully when we play Spain we will already have picked up two positive results in the previous games. We have to give it 100 per cent in every game. We need to start well against Honduras, and starting well is winning.'

All very clear:

'This is the mentality we have and have installed in each of the 23 players. You need to remember that finishing first in the group is an advantage because you then face a team that finishes second and as such there is a slight chance that they will be a little weaker.'

So Chile are going to try and win the group so they can play a weaker team in the next round. Er...hang on...didn't he say...??

You've got to love football managers.

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