Friday, 11 June 2010

Maradona: Champion of Fair Play

A press conference with Maradona never fails to entertain. He's been appealing for fair play in the current World Cup ahead of his team's opener against Nigeria. Ah the delicious irony after his Hand of God antics in 1986:

'Let there really be fair play, let the referees understand what the words fair play mean'

His 'us against the world' stance seems to have been largely formed by his experiences in the game against Cameroon at Italia 90 when the Africans had 2 players sent off:

'When the fair play [slogan] was introduced in 1990 I was kicked so hard they almost knocked my head off against Cameroon. And we had to swallow the yellow card of Caniggia's hand ball (that saw Caniggia miss the final) and compared with the kick I got from Cameroon, he was Heidi.'

Well with his flowing locks he certainly looked a bit like her I grant you Diego. Life is hard eh?

Looks like he's trying to avoid his star pupil from being roughed up by those nasty Nigerians. And he's certainly piling the pressure on Messi:

'I wish with all my heart for Lio to have a superb tournament and be the best of all time definitively. But behind Lio there's a team that supports him. He should be the cherry on the cake.'

Let's hope he not eating those words in the coming weeks.

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